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The original focus of Shadetree Studio, in 1978, was cel (hand-drawn) animation. When computer animation became accessible around 1990, it became the primary format for animation. Anyway, we come to computer animation from a long-time artistic/classic animation background, instead of from the technology side. We think that gives our animation a special look, quality and appearance. Our clients agree.

If you have a video or web project that could be enhanced by animation*
but think your budget won't allow it, Please contact us. We do everything from flying logos to full character animation. We'll offer something that will work for your budget.

*Animation can pretty much ALWAYS enhance a project.

Visit Safety Station
Safety Station is a children's electrical safety animated interactive website
created by Shadetree Studio for East Kentucky Power Co-Op.

Below are low-resolution sample frames from a few other projects

Buzz & Sparky Holiday Safety. This frame is from a thirty second TV Public Service Announcement made for Touchstone Energy featuring Buzz & Sparky, their electrical safety robots. so far we've made two commercials, a powerpoint presentation and a seven minute fully animated video featuring these robotic stars. To see short clips from the video, visit the producers website at Blackfish Films
Transylvania. This frame is from 61 seconds of animation created for a Transylvania University recruitment video. We built the entire school as a computer model and did various 'fly-throughs' to highlight different aspects of the campus. Transy Campus
Willie Willie Watercan. This frame is from a fully animated thirty second TV commercial created for a Kentucky video production company. Their client was a large nursery. I designed the character as well as producing the animation.
Double Kwik. A frame from a five second tag for Double Kwik food marts. Produced for Studiolink, Inc. Logo 'drives' into view, then squeals the tires in a fishtailing exit. kwikmart
CheckExchange Check Exchange. A frame from a thirty second animated TV commercial, starring M. T. Pockets, Check Exchange's trademark character.
Reading Baseball Magazine rolls up/morphs into ballbat in this sequence from an animation segment for a Kentucky Educational TV program about summer reading. Produced for Video Editing Services. baseball
World Trade Centers World Trade Centers An animated presentation for an international conference promoting the development of networked world trade centers. Produced for Video Editing Services
Harry Potter another sequence from an animation segment for a Kentucky Educational Television program promoting summer reading. Produced for Video Editing Services. Harry Potter
surfer Surfer Getting ready to 'surf' the internet in this frame from a Kentucky Educational Television program on summer reading. Produced for Video Editing Services.

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