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The photo below is part of the set for Shakespeare's As You like It.
produced by Woodford County Theatrical Arts in 2007.
Here is an excerpt of the Lexington Herald-Leader's review

"Where does all of this happen? In a magical forest, of course. And, boy, is it magical. When the simple black curtains of the first two acts were opened on opening night to reveal Woodford County artist and set designer Damon Farmer's sprawling, magnificently detailed Forest of Arden, I witnessed something I had never seen before during a theater performance: spontaneous applause for the set - twice. Farmer's forest is truly breathtaking."

As You Like It set

Farmer created The Cloisters, a 1940s era sanitarium. for the 2009 production of The Curious Woodford Theater

As You Like It set

The Wizard of Oz
The animated 'talking' head of the Wizard, built with the help of Carl Coakley, was one element Farmer created as production designer for 2004's Woodford County Theatrical Arts version.

Head of the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz

Milky White
The Broadway version of Into The Woods used a small plastic cow, but Damon created Jack's humpbacked bovine as a full-size animated puppet, complete with blinking eyes and working mouth, ready to be traded for magic beans
Milky White, the cow Jack traded for magic beans

This is a costume Farmer has been refining for many years, It's actually more of a 'found-object' sculpture, being made from everything from a christmas tree stand and car floor mats to old motorcycle parts and even an electric peeler. The costume does have working parts though. Controlable lights, and a scary breathing sound effect. Although originally a Halloween costume, it's appeared in several TV spots.
"I've often been told that it's extremely intimidating, but I've only seen it from the inside out, so I can't say."-Damon

Trick or Treat

These moonsuits were originally made (with assistance from seamstress Ginger Cornett) to be used in a fashion show presentation. In this photo they are being used in a special 'Weather From The Moon' segment of an actual TV weather report. The 'Lunar Forecast ' was part of the grand opening festivities for a children's museum.

Moonsuit Costumes

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